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Mr Elijah Ablorsu MD, FRCS, FEBS


Surgeons Profile

Mr Elijah Ablorsu MD, FRCS, FEBS

Consultant in Transplant and General Surgery with an interest in Hernia and Gallbladder Surgery.

Mr Elijah Ablorsu is a Consultant in Transplant and General Surgery, with a special interest in hernia and gallstone surgery. He is based at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff (link)

Mr Ablorsu graduated from Komenius University in Slovakia, gaining an MD degree in 1999; where he also started his postgraduate surgical training. During his training he developed a special interest in liver, biliary and pancreatic surgery, pancreas and kidney transplantation.

After completing his specialist training in General and Upper GI Surgery, he held a Fellowship in Liver and Pancreatic Surgery at Hammersmith Hospital in London; a Transplant Fellowship in Manchester; and a Fellowship in Liver and Transplant Surgery in Oxford.

He is a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England (www.rcseng.ac.uk) and a Fellow of The European Board of Surgery (www.uemssurg.org), a member of The British Hernia Society (www.britishherniasociety.org) and the Welsh Surgical Society (www.welshsurgeons.com).

Mr Ablorsu has established excellent practice in gallstones, hernia surgery and Sports Hernia (Groin pain). He provides complex diagnostic and therapeutic management in combination with minimal-invasive (laparoscopic, key-hole) surgical treatment. His main focuse is to maximasi post-operative confort, minimise pain and shorten post-operative recovery. Also patients benefit from better cosmetic effect.

He regularly presents his work in national and international forums, and regularly publishes in peer reviewed surgical journals.

Specialist interest:

  • Complex hernia management
  • Gallstones treatment
  • Sportsman Hernia (Groin Pain) management
  • Laparoscopic (key-hole) and open gallstones surgery
  • Laparoscopic and open hernia repair
  • Single incision laparoscopic surgery for gallstones and hernias

Personal Profile:

I found my job very interesting and exciting. However, my family is essential for me, and I have managed to find a balance between my professional and my private life. I spend most of my free time with my wife and two children.

I found passion for photography, mainly street and landscape photogaphy. I enjoy exploring world and looking at life from different perspectine. In my proffesion I learned to value every day. See his work.

In addition I love sport. Since childhood I have been doing a variety of sports (athletics, karate) as it helps me to keep my body fit and my mind focused. Also I have passion in running. It givese me sence of freedom and helps me to build up harmony between body and mind. I believed that sport is as surgery: "Must remain focuse and persistent to acheive the goal".

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