Hernias & Gallstones

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Mr Elijah Ablorsu MD, FRCS, FEBS


After gallbladder surgery

After key-hole surgery you will be discharged home within a day and in two weeks you should be fully recovered. If the surgeon performs an open procedure you will stay in a hospital for few days, mainly to control the pain. Also it takes longer to recover from open surgery; usually three to four weeks. Take regular painkillers, for first few days after surgery; to control pain.

Wound management

Before you are discharged home the wound is checked by a nurse and covered with waterproof dressing. We recommend keeping this wound cover on for at least 3 days. We are using absorbable skin sutures, so they do not need to be removed. In addition, you can have a shower immediately after surgery but avoid a bath for 7 days.

Gallstones surgery recovery

Following laparoscopic surgery most likely you will be discharged home within 24 hours. If surgery was done by open technique you might stay in hospital longer.

Generally, recovery takes 2 weeks but up to 6 weeks in more complex cases.

Driving and travelling

You can drive as long as you are comfortable, able to perform emergency stop and reverse without any discomfort. It usually takes 10-14 days. However we do strongly recommend contacting your insurance company. After the same period you can travel or fly.

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